[mythtv-users] UK Radio Times listings service

Neil Bird neil at fnxweb.com
Fri Oct 1 09:59:43 UTC 2010

Around about 28/09/10 14:10, Mike Holden typed ...
> The main thing though is that using their product to export data to
> another system such as xmltv or mythtv is a violation of their terms
> of service, and therefore is not something you should be discussing
> here.

   I wasn't aware of that;  seems a bit short sighted of them.   I had 
always had it in the back of my mind that at some point I might migrate from 
using RT to digiguide because of their reputation, and I wouldn't mind 
paying a small amount for the peace of mind.

   I guess they won't be getting my money now :-/

   Are they any other equivalent services that *can* be used legitimately 
(in the UK)?

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