[mythtv-users] importing old recordings and their metadata

UB40D ub40dd at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 29 16:45:01 UTC 2010

I had an old mythbuntu installation that had become a mess so I
disconnected all the drives and restarted from scratch with a new one,
installing the newest mythbuntu distro on it. Things work much better
now, and I have recorded a few movies without problems, but of course
I'd like to get back my old recordings too.

I have backed up the old database before retiring the old machine. I
don't want to restore it as is, as I fear it would import all the old
crap (wrong channel settings, descriptions for recordings that were
lost etc etc) plus I'd overwrite the new files. What I'd like to do is
connect one of the old drives, copy its recordings to the new, larger
drive, grep only the SQL lines
of the backup that mention those recordings, and run just those. Will
this be enough to get the new installation to recognize/import the
recordings, or should I do anything else as well?
I don't mind recreating the seek tables for the old files (instead of
importing them) so long as it can be done with a global command-line
command rather than clickety-click through the UI for each file.

Also, during the database restore, are there going to be any problems
with different database schemas between a 2-year-old version and the
current one?

Many thanks

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