[mythtv-users] Not impressed with the iMON remote

dave cunningham news004 at upsilon.org.uk
Thu Nov 25 20:20:09 UTC 2010

I was using a media centre remote then got a new case with an integrated 
iMON VFD/IR receiver + remote.

I think the VFD looks tacky and don't use it, but I like that I can now 
power on with the remote, and prefer the integrated IR receiver over the 
external extra box under the TV with the MCE remote.

The big problem however is that the remote itself is rubbish. I've got 
two gripes:

1. It's highly directional, where the MCE remote pretty much worked 
pointed anywhere.

2. The directional pad on the remote is very imprecise and I much prefer 
the hard buttons from the MCE remote.

Checking with Logitech, it seems the Harmony remotes can be used with 
the iMON receiver. It seems this should resolve my second complaint. 
Question is, is the first issue caused by a poor IR receiver or is the 
iMON remote itself a weak transmitter. Are the harmonies likely to be 
any better in this respect (when using the iMON receiver)? Also are all 
the harmonies equal in regards to IR TX power? It seems that the Harmony 
300 would suite my needs - would this do re IR power or does it get 
stronger with the higher end remotes?

Thanks for any input...
Dave Cunningham                                  dave at upsilon org uk
                                                  PGP KEY ID: 0xA78636DC

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