[mythtv-users] ion configs

Sean Grieve sean at grieve.com.au
Tue Nov 23 23:37:04 UTC 2010

 >You've got something weird going on, my OSD responsiveness improved
 >significantly (from "annoying" to "nearly perfect") between 0.23 and
 >(My menu's are also fine, except for entering the Watch Recordings
 >screen which takes about 10 seconds at the moment)
 >- Chris

Hey Chris,
that's the news I want to hear.. means I can improve something. I was 
surprised when 0.24 slowed my OSD down.. I'm running separate 
frontend/backend.. frontend is standard eb1501 with 2gig ram outputing 
1080p to projector.. I run mythbuntu as it's _so_ quick to set up 
(trialled 7MC the other day for fun and in 30 minutes had mythbuntu 
frontend up again with minimal file backup :) )

what are your specs and what res do you output to? Also, what theme do 
you run?



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