[mythtv-users] Mythvideo weirdness

Stephen Tan stan at stanandliz.net
Sun Nov 21 23:17:12 UTC 2010


My Ubuntu mythfrontend is behaving weirdly and I can't explain or fix it.

I have three base folders in my Mythvideo collection:

Films, TV and Lucy ( this is a folder for holding my Daughter's videos ).

For some reason, after a "Scan for Changes" run, I am unable to see
the Lucy folder from my laptop running Mythfrontend.

I can see the folder fine on the combined Frontend/Backend box that I
run. I've set Mythvideo to run a metatdata scan when this is set off.
Does this affect anything?

I have since discovered that there is an option to change views in
Mythvideo - and going into the menu and enabling "File Browse Mode"
brings the folders up. However, there are two sets of folders - one
for each different storage group that I've defined. It's rather
annoying and I'd rather not have to muck around like this.

Storage group structure:


Funny enough, browsing on my combined frontend/backend is fine. Very strange.

Is there anything I can do to fix this, or am I going to have to go
into a detailed bug report? I'm willing to do so, but explaining the
exact details might take a LONG time so I thought I'd check here

thanks in advance


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