[mythtv-users] Need help understanding quick tuning (0.22)

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Fri Nov 19 04:18:31 UTC 2010

Yes, I'm 2 versions behind. That's what a new baby does to you.
Hopefully I'll get up to 0.24 over xmas break. Until then, please
indulge me with a bit of support for an outdated system.

My backend has been working fine with no hardware or software changes
for several months. Suddenly in the last few days, a few of my HD
stations failed to record (using an HDHomerun). They would work fine
in LiveTV but not for recordings. I figured out it had to do with
quick tuning. However, that's where I get confused. My understanding
was that quick tuning was not as reliable as regular tuning (if the
cable company reshuffled channels or something). I chose the option to
use quick tuning for live tv only, thinking that if something broke,
I'd see problems with LiveTV, but at least recordings would succeed.
However, my system seems to be behaving the opposite of that. If I set
it to never quicktune, then even live tv breaks (I only get a partial
lock...LAM_V). If I set it to always quick tune, everything is fine.
But why is that so? Am I misunderstanding something?

I tried rescanning my existing transports, and it found all my
stations, but those same couple stations still don't work without
quick tuning. I also keep periodic logs of my hdhomerun_config channel
scans, and the latest scan shows no differences from 2 months ago. Can
anyone give me a clue of what has gone wrong here? Is my cable company
not sending out the appropriate program table or something on those
channel? But if so, why do they still get found in scans...they just
don't play without quick tuning?


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