[mythtv-users] Upgrade to 0.24 on fedora went well

DaveD mythtv at guiplot.com
Tue Nov 16 06:52:37 UTC 2010

I had to upgrade my fc12 to fc13 to get back to the repo with 0.24 (was 
using Axel's trunk for a while) but I just uninstalled the Atrpms trunk 
version, upgraded to fc13 using yum then installed 0.24.  Everything 
went very smoothly and stuff that wasn't working quite right is now 
working perfectly:  channel changing on the Motorola STB (as well as 
dual internal DVB), VDPAU, FF/REW, and a few other rough edges have been 
smoothed out nicely.

Upgrading the Ubuntu 10.04 to 10.10 on one of my frontends, however, was 
a nightmare (had to remove a PATA drive to get it to boot on the SATA! 
Ubuntu NEVER upgrades smoothly! but I digress...).

Just wanted to add a report of a successful upgrade and a kudos for 
fedora.  Thanks to ALL the devs!

Dave D.

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