[mythtv-users] cutlist editing hangs frontend

Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 23:46:33 UTC 2010


I have been reading this thread with interest & disgust in equal measure.

Working as an IT project manager I understand the infuriation of
Business Analysts, Developers and Project Managers at the
unwillingness of change from users. Users hate change they dont
understand. On the other hand it is impossible to include every user
in the decision making process of making changes to systems... however

Users need to take time to try the new methods and only comment once
they have read the documentation and reflected on the change... seeing
as 0.24 has only been out a few days that simply cant have happened in
this case without having used the release candidates for at least a
couple of weeks.

Balancing these harsh comments about the users posting here; I have to
say that the devs for Myth can be quite sensitive to criticism, but I
at no time think that the devs make changes to the system which are
not well thought out and I would expect that all these comments will
evaporate over time.

All I ask is that people read emails in the best possible way...
emails take sooooo so much of the manner of delivery due to inflexion
and intonation. I would also ask that users reflect on changes, read
the docs, ask questions and only after a significant period of time
would they make constructive - unemotional - feedback.... And I know I
am guilty of this as much as anyone else...

However, I would also be upset if I had spent time (probably hundreds
of hours in the case of each of the developers on myth 0.24) building
a project, which they gladly give away so others can use it if they
wish... BUT... what is the goal of the devs with MythTV??? to be built
for the devs to use it, or to be the best and to be used by a lot of
people? I cant see this stated any where... from the way it is
developed I would expect the latter...

This statement would set the expectation of the users.

Not all opensource projects aim to be used by a lot of people, they
simply build the system cause the devs want (or need it) and release
it to _allow_ others to use it if they wish...

Anyway, I havent tried 0.24 yet.... and I look forward to it...
THANKYOU devs for continuing to work on what is a fantastic piece of
(F)OSS software.

I hope everyone who reads this takes this email in the manner in which
it was intended.


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