[mythtv-users] cutlist editing hangs frontend

Craig Sanders cas at taz.net.au
Sun Nov 14 22:29:09 UTC 2010

On Sun, Nov 14, 2010 at 11:12:37AM +0100, Johan wrote:
> Op 14-11-10 09:20, Craig Sanders schreef:
> >i wrote a list of my observations.
> starting of with "now if only the new cutlist editor wasn't clumsy
> and awkward comparedto the 0.23 version"

yes, and IMO it is.  is such blasphemy forbidden or something?

do i have to start with something like "excuse me, Master, I hesitate to
intrude on your glorious awesomeness but in my worthless humble opinion
there are a few minor points that are not quite perfect...."

> >the developer of the new editor did post a URL to the doc page for
> >the it, which i appreciated. unfortunately, he also decided to view
> >the posting of a simple list as a personal insult. two others decided
> >that this was a great opportunity to demonstrate their 'loyalty' (one
> >politely and reasonably, one aggressively). you make the third.
> Well, that shows something doesn't it?

yes, it does. it shows that (at least some of) the myth devs are
hypersensitive to any criticism, they take any negative comment about
features or changes to the software as a personal insult.

> >2. post anyway and risk upsetting a fragile ego or two.
> >
> >i chose the latter.

> So did you get any positive result now?

yes, i got a URL to the doc page for the new editor from the editor's
developer. that was worthwhile - it nicely addressed most of my
objections, leaving only the Select vs Menu key as the only major

> >>3. if you don't like the keys, there might be a way to re-assign keys
> >i already mentioned that i couldn't find any way to do that. you
> >obviously didn't actually read what i wrote (as is obvious from you
> >bogus statement that 'your initial comments were not constructive').
> You obviously did not know what you were writing at the time.
> when using a keyboard, Enter no longer works to add/delete/move a
>    cutpoint. instead, you have to press M instead and then navigate
>    a multi-level menu.
> Enter will add and delete cutpoints.

kind of. sometimes. the behaviour is inconsistent depending on where the
cursor is. it won't, however, MOVE a cut point. so there are two keys to
manipulate actual cutpoints one (Enter - which works inconsistently) to
add or delete, one (Menu) to move.

i've used the editor a bit more since then and (after reading the doc
page) i can see the reasoning and design behind the new version. as
i said in my original comments, i can learn to live with most of the
changes but losing the Select/Enter key is going to be an on-going

> Cutlist editing works fine, however not in the way you like it anymore.
> You acknowledged that you could live with this behaviour.

actually, it doesn't. having to hunt and peck for the M key rather than
the Enter key sucks. that change might be justifiable if there were
actually a good reason for it, but there isn't - it's just an arbitrary
change with no benefit.

> >BTW, i develop FOSS software myself, and have also contributed code,
> >patches, bug reports and documentation to numerous projects (including
> >one utterly trivial patch to mythweb). and i've been a debian developer
> >for about 15 years. being a bit thick-skinned and not having a fragile
> >ego is essential, as bug reports tend to be written as brief, factual
> >summaries (the good ones are, anyway). and mostly, bug reports etc by
> >their nature inevitably focus on the negative and tend to be written by
> >people who have just been bitten by the bug/change, and are affected
> >enough by it to bother writing.
> You did not provide a bug report. You proved a list of things you,
> personally are unhappy with.

way to go! ignore the actual substance of what i wrote and "respond"
only to the one piece of trivia which you can pretend is a devastating
mistake that completely invalidates what i said.

i said "bugreport etc". that includes feedback on lists and forums. it's
still feedback whether i've jumped through the hoops of using myth's
bugtracker or not. in any case, a formal bug report often isn't the best
first step - usually it's better and more useful to discuss the issues
on a mailing list or forum first.

do you always waste time with such pedantic point-scoring over trivialities?

> > really guys - users& devs - try to understand that someone providing
> > feedback and criticism is NOT attacking the project or the people
> > behind it. such criticism is almost exclusively motivated by a
> > desire to help and improve things.
> Your choice of words show me that you are a well educated person,
> who is capable of expressing himself perfectly and diplomatically if
> need be. You should have known that your comments would not be well
> received in the manner they were written in, specially taken in to
> consideration that you have been reading this list for a long time.

my original comments about the cutlist editor were well-worded and could
not have caused offense to anyone except someone who is hypersensitive
to any criticism and *determined* to find offense where none was

and, no - I should not have had to tiptoe around fragile egos just to
express my opinions and observations about the new editor. i didn't
attack, abuse, or insult anyone - my comments were politely worded and
should have been taken in the spirit they were intended (as feedback
and constructive criticism), and not as an excuse to be dramatically

the myth devs - and especially the users on the lists - should learn to
relax and not be so defensive. legitimate criticism is not the same as
an attack.


craig sanders <cas at taz.net.au>

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