[mythtv-users] mythvideo doesn't see files

Greg Oliver oliver.greg at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 20:02:31 UTC 2010

On Sun, Nov 14, 2010 at 1:45 PM, matt lutz <myth.matt.lutz at gmail.com> wrote:
> All,
> I recently had my 5 year old backend die.  I rebuilt it using a new
> server and upgraded to .24.  Watching TV and recordings is okay on my
> separate frontend, but I can't seem to get 'videos' to work properly
> with storage groups.  I've read the docs 100 times, and it seems
> pretty simple, but I can't seem to get it to work regardless of what I
> do.
> my master backend has my videos/fanart/screenshots/etc directories
> located in /data/mythtv/<dir>.  When I scan for changes from the
> frontend the log says:
> MythVideo::ScanVideoDirectory Scanning Group
> (myth://Videos@T110/data/mythtv/videos/)
> which all seems right, but it never returns anything.  I installed the
> frontend on my backend server to see if it would see it locally, but
> that doesn't help either.  I thought it might be a permissions issue,
> so I 777'd the entire /data directory recursively, but that didn't
> help either.
> Any ideas?  Am I just missing something simple?

find out what user mythtv backend runs as:

$ export MYTHTVUSER=`ps auwx | grep mythbackend | awk '{print $1}'`
$ su - $MYTHTVUSER -c "touch /data/mythtv/videos/test_file"

see what it prints..  Has to be permissions somewhere..

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