[mythtv-users] mythvidexport.py errors out

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Sat Nov 13 10:56:46 UTC 2010

Johan wrote:
> Op 12-11-10 20:13, Raymond Wagner schreef:
>> This one, I'm going to need a backtrace to diagnose.  Please run the 
>> following on the command line.
>> /usr/bin/mythvidexport --chanid=13772 --starttime=20101109225000
>> _______________________________________________
> sudo /usr/bin/mythvidexport.py --chanid=13772 --starttime=20101109225000
You definitely shouldn't need to run these as sudo. That will likely introduce 
all kinds of unanticipated changes in your environment, which could certainly 
break the program you are running (file permissions, $PATH contents, etc).

Run these as your regular mythtv user, or one with the same permissions.


Mike Perkins

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