[mythtv-users] how to really disable screensaver/blanking

Federico Ferri federico.ferri at yahoo.it
Tue Nov 9 15:46:25 UTC 2010

In data luned́ 8 novembre 2010 10:05:44, Corne Beerse ha scritto:
: > On 8-11-2010 3:22, Larry wrote:
> > I'm running a fully patched CENTOS with the rpms for myth from Axel's
> > repository.
> > For some odd reason I can't figure out how to disable the
> > screensaver/screen blanking from occurring.
> > I have set the screensaver timeout to 2 hours, and unchecked the box to
> > allow the screen to blank but it still happens.
> > I found a couple of things on the web to try including using gconf-2 to
> > set the screensaver to "false" and actually doing a chmod -x to the
> > gnome screensaver.
> >
> > however these still dont work.  The screen will go blank after 30
> > minutes or so and unless I get up and move the mouse it will stay blanked.
> >
> > I dont even have a clue what to try next.  Anyone want to through out
> > some ideas?
> The idea that comes to mind: if the X11 server is started, one of its 
> options is if and how to act on screen-saver and screen-blanking stuff. 
> Hence, have a look at those settings too.
> Then, some screensavers should not be set on a long time-out to 
> 'disable' them, but on a time-out value of 0 (zero, null) to be disabled.

I use xfce4, and ususally i disable it in the xorg.conf

I check if screensaver is set with this command:

xset -q

and you can disable it with these lines in xorg.conf:

Section "ServerFlags"
   Option "BlankTime" "0"
   Option "StandbyTime" "0"
   Option "SuspendTime" "0"
   Option "OffTime" "0"

I hope this can help you,
Bye, FF

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