[mythtv-users] Tuning to BBC News / radio channels on Freesat

Stephen Bridges widget at stdin.co.uk
Sun Nov 7 16:42:46 UTC 2010

On Sunday 07 November 2010 15:22:05 George Poulson wrote:

> Out of interest .. how are you telling Myth to tune to a specific
> frequency/polarisation/fec etc?

I only got successful tuning with a working channel (e.g 10714000 kHz), which 
would follow all other transports and tune them as well.

But I can only get BBC Radio 5 which is on a separate multiplex to the others. 
Manual scanning fails as well, although it indicates a different IF (that is 
in range).  Interestingly it also lists LNB versions and implies not all of 
them can tune to that frequency.  How do I know which one I've got?  The 
option from the fitter was a "multroom freesat" tuner.


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