[mythtv-users] Multiplexing vs multiple cards

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Nov 4 14:58:39 UTC 2010

George Poulson wrote:

>If anyone in the UK does have it working (especially on DVB-S) I'd 
>be glad to hear what settings you're using :-)

I find it variable, but on some channels it does seem to work quite well.

Things that seem to work well are often US imports - Ice Road 
Truckers and Axe Men on one of the Channel Five group seem to work 
very well. Also, IIRC everything I've recorded off Virgin ! (now 
Channel One) has flagged well.

I couldn't tell you what settings I have - I think I just turned 
everything on when I installed it and left it at that. I'm running 
2.1 BTW.

Some other channels just don't work reliably. IIRC ITV1 is poor.

Simon Hobson

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