[mythtv-users] More Cheap Remotes

Clifford Snow clifford at snowandsnow.us
Tue Nov 2 23:05:15 UTC 2010

> I have a similar device.
> lsusb gives:
> Bus 008 Device 002: ID 073a:2230 Chaplet Systems, Inc.
> After playing with it this weekend, I managed to get it to perform how I wished.
> I have the lircd using the /dev/input/by-id device name instead of the
> /dev/input/eventX name.
> irw is a program to test that lircd is configured correctly.
> Whenever a client application opens the link to lircd, lircd turns on
> "exclusive" mode.
> This means that while "irw" is running, those remote control key
> presses will not go to any other application.
> When you run myth, it opens the link to lircd and this prevents the
> remote control sending any key presses to any other application.
> If the definition for the keypress is not in the .lircrc file, it will
> not reach myth.
> I have a similar device.
> Running irw  (irw tests the lircd program is configured correctly)
> I press one key on the remote and get this:
> 0001003800000001 00 LEFTALT linux-input-layer
> 0001001c00000001 00 ENTER linux-input-layer
> 0001001d00000001 00 LEFTCTRL linux-input-layer
> 0001000400000001 00 3 linux-input-layer
> I then have to configure .lircrc in my home directory.
> For the above sequence I put this to get "p" sent to myth:
> begin
> prog = mythtv
> button = LEFTALT
> button = ENTER
> button = LEFTCTRL
> button = 3
> repeat = O
> config = p
> flags = quit
> end
> There is also another key on the remote that just does this in irw
> 0001001c00000001 00 ENTER linux-input-layer
> For that I have in .lircrc which will send "Return" to myth.
> # Select
> begin
> prog = mythtv
> button = ENTER
> config = Return
> flags = quit
> end
> Now, in the .lircrc file, the multi-key ones have to appear before the
> single key ones in the file.
> The "flags = quit" causes only the first one to be processed if all 4
> key presses happen in the correct sequence.
> It will fall through to the next entry if only "ENTER" is pressed.
> This causes multi-key sequences to only send one key-press to myth.
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I have the exact same remote.  I now understand that I needed the quit
flag to prevent the code from being used by another process.  The quit
flag stops the double key hits.  But when I revise my lircrc, ordering
the multi-key sequences first, I still can not map the playpause key
to "p"  It doesn't do any thing.  playpause is a single key entry so I
assume it would be a simple mapping.

The entry looks like:
    remote = devinput
    prog = mythtv
    button = KEY_PLAYPAUSE
    config = p
    repeat = 0
    delay = 0
    flags = quit

Any suggestions?

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