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Mon May 17 17:55:34 UTC 2010

HD-PVR solution doesn't work for you, here are several IR Blaster
alternatives, depending on how many STBs you need to control:

Microsoft makes (made?) a good USB transceiver (send x 2 & receive
IIRC) that can be had from e-bay and maybe from newegg. (I have one of
these, but never used the transmit side and need more than one to meet
my needs ;-(

IguanaIR makes USB units that can control up to 4 STBs
  and see possibly helpful recent myth mailing list thread:

CommandIR makes USB and/or PCI slot units.  Current CommandIR II is
out of production and CommandIR III is not yet finished.  The III will
support up to 8 independent transmitters (8x STB) and a receiver [for
listening to your handheld remote(s)]

Home Electronics makes a USB transceiver (1 send + 1 receive) and a
serial port receive-only unit (I have one of the latter)


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