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Mon May 17 17:55:34 UTC 2010

popup virtual keyboard was available in earlier versions of myth.=A0 I dont=
 know why it was removed as there are less key presses than navigating arou=
nd the virtual keyboard when using say mythnetvision to search for videos.=
=A0 They have this option in xbmc and other media centres.<br>
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I keep forgetting that Google doesn&#39;t index sourceforge mailing list<br=
archives. Searching the lirc list archives directly came up with this<br>
<a href=3D"
0906301109r16a" target=3D"_blank">
c31aalb4c3913ac53dbfd0%<a href=3D"" target=3D"_blank=
It suggests sending backspace characters on multiple key presses to delete<=
the previous entries.<br>
The problem with Christoph&#39;s approach is that there is no timeout. So i=
f you<br>
press the 2 key once, and then a 2nd time a minute later, you get<br>
2-backspace-a instead of 2 2.<br>
It still bothers me that I can&#39;t get the repeat or delay parameters to =
what I expect. So I am giving up on this for now.<br>
The mythtv virtual keyboard is pretty cool so I can live without this<br>
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&gt; I can&#39;t believe I am the first person to try to do this, but my Go=
&gt; help came up empty. I posted this question on the lirc mailing list, a=
&gt; no reply. So I hope someone here has more insight into my question:<br=
&gt; I would like to use the number keys on my IR remote to send mythtv<br>
&gt; alphabetic characters, using the same user interface as is implemented=
&gt; many cell phones and A/V equipment. For example:<br>
&gt; - Pressing the 2 key briefly sends &quot;2&quot;<br>
&gt; - Holding the 2 key for 2 repeats sends &quot;a&quot;<br>
&gt; - Holding the 2 key for 3 repeats sends &quot;b&quot;<br>
&gt; - Holding the 2 key for 4 repeats sends &quot;c&quot;<br>
&gt; - Pressing the 3 key briefly sends &quot;3&quot;<br>
&gt; - Holding the 3 key for 2 repeats sends &quot;d&quot;<br>
&gt; - etc.<br>
I&#39;m almost positive Christoph Bartelmus has posted an example config<br=
for how to do this on the lirc list at some point in the past, but<br>
you&#39;d have to search the list archives...<br>
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