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Mon May 17 17:55:34 UTC 2010

myth and pulseaudio that is causing my problem.  I've seen claims
online that people are successfully running with this config but no
details of how to make it work.

A few more details that may be relevant:
 -my system has motherboard audio (currently unused) and nvidia hdmi
out (working well except for this myth - pulseaudio issue)
 -in FE setup I have to set audio output and PassThruOutputDevice to
ALSA:plughw:2,3  (ALSA: default doesn't work even though my system
sounds work properly over hdmi as long as mythFE isn't running)

A couple times I've been tempted to try to rip PulseAudio out but
changed my mind based on the maze of dependencies this would break.

Suggestions welcome.  Otherwise does anyone know if the sound changes
in 0.24 will be more PulseAudio friendly?

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