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Mon May 17 17:55:34 UTC 2010

I create tuners for HDHR's 2 tuners first in BE.
Then two SD tuners (PVR 250, PVR 500 composite1) are created.
Then I create the two Video (listings) Sources with Schedules Direct: one
called ComcastOTA and one called ComcastDigital.  
(OTA corresponds to local broadcast QAM)
I then run scte65scan with HDHRlib compiled-in to capture the QAM
I use mysql to insert that output to Mythconverg.
THEN I return to the BE config to create the Input Connections that match
up the HDHRs to the OTA lineup and the SD PVRs to the Digital lineup.
Then I exit BE setup allow mythfilldatabase to run.
At that point, I have channels populated (I can see in mythweb channel
list and BE config channel editor) but there are problems/incomplete

Local CBS affiliate is broadcast (and cable) channel "2" in SD.  It's HD
QAM is "2.1".  
Because I ran mythfilldatabase AND scte65scan, I have two entries for CBS
on channel 2, one for each source id.
The Digital (source 2) entry looks correct; the scte65scan discovered
entry is incomplete/wrong.  It's XMLTVID is initially blank.  It's channel
is "2'.  So I edit the channel entry for source 1 to be channel "2.1" and
give the appropriate XMLTVID for this station's HD content listing in
Schedules Direct.

I repeat this for about a dozen more channels that have local QAM in
(NOTE: I'm really annoyed about how the local FOX channel appears.  It is
cable channel 3, broadcast channel 32[UHF] and QAM channel 32.1.  This
means the channel guide shows "FOX" at channel 3 for source id very low in
the numerically sorted listing and the same station as 32.1 elsewhere in
the numeric listing... nuisance and requires more insight into our lineup
than I'd care to have to impart to my wife at this point)

After editing, I end up with HD channels attributed to sourceid 1 (OTA)
and a larger list of cable channels for sourceid 2 (SD Digital via STBs).

THEN I view LiveTV, it auto-selects HDHR1 (my first HDHR tuner name) and
begins to display the pre-set channel (e.g. 2.1 = 'CBS').  

Viewing channels works.  BUT.....

When I CHANNELUP I am confined to the listings for sourceid 1 (OTA).  I
cannot see listings for source id 2.  

I HAVE to use the menu to change source to on of the SD tuners to view
those channels.  This is not an integrated experience :-(

What I WANTED was a CHANNELUP/DOWN to work from a single channel listing
and to make the determination to change tuner/source on the fly.

Am I still doing something wrong?  Am I expecting Myth to do something it
doesn't do?

Sorry for the long note, it was high time to put some detail out for more
help.  THANKS!

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