[mythtv-users] Hauppauge WinTV NOVA HD S2 sees signal but not channels

Thomas Ulich thomas at ulich.org
Sat May 29 09:09:08 UTC 2010

> Please install dvbscan for the ubuntu repos and have a read of the
> attached docs.
> That should give you a working channels.conf


thanks, and sorry, but I'm no sure what you mean.  I did install dvb-apps,
do you mean those?  It gives me /usr/bin/scan, which I have tried to use.
See my post of 0719UTC today for the output of scan.  Basically it says
"tuning failed" and "filter timeout pid...".

Command was: scan -a 20 -l UNIVERSAL -5 Astra-28.2E

You are referring to "attached docs", but your e-mail didn't contain
attachments (stripped of by mailing list?).

Thanks for your help, very much appreciated!

All the best,


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