[mythtv-users] What can cause Mythfrontend to be slow closing?

nospam312 nospam312 at gmail.com
Sat May 29 08:07:03 UTC 2010

> Right, the patch only keeps the 5-second hangs from happening while
> myth applications are running.  It doesn't help the 5-second hang
> before exiting.
> I basically never exit the frontend, so I don't see the problem.  I
> suspect most people are the same way.

Thanks for replies.

I use mythwelcome so unless this is now closed and reopened when I
tell it to load/exit the frontend there should always be a myth
application open in the background.

I exit the frontend so mythwelcolme can shutdown the machine if it is
not needed anymore and I have an easy to view overall status of the

I guess if the Myth team think it is something broken in nothing to do
with them there is nothing that can be done.

Does anyone know if the problem has been reported to whoever may be
able to help fixing it?


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