[mythtv-users] Correctly behaving 576i (or 480i) from vdpau-capable chip?

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Sat May 29 07:36:54 UTC 2010

Yeechang Lee wrote:
> Paul Gardiner <lists at glidos.net> says:
>> Ok. I finally got 1080p50 out of my ION board, and you are right;
>> Advanced 2X vdpau is doing a brilliant job. I'm still using IFG, but
>> that gives just as smooth results with Myth doing the
>> deinterlacing. Possibly it's a little better - difficult to be
>> sure. It's certainly good enough.  I don't need better than this.
> What happens when you use Advanced 2X but disable 600Hz mode?

Didn't get a chance to try this for a while: been upgrading to 0.23
and fiddling with various things, but tried it again last night.
If I disable IFG (Intelligent Frame Generation - which I've been wrongly
calling 600Hz mode) then motion is like it was on my old CRT and
how it is on this TV from sources other than MythTv when IFG
is disabled: motion looks generally "hardened" (sorry best word
I could come up with to describe it) rather than fluid; objects
blur slightly when the camera pans, rather than holding a crisp
image; and bright detail sort of vibrates.  With IFG on, during
a pan, it is like the object is stationary and your view is

On the other hand, I'm very pleased with vdpau and Advanced 2X
because, it isn't defeating the TV's IFG, and it seems
to be giving me the best quality I've seen from SD on the TV.
I don't seem to be seeing so much posterization any longer. And
I seem to be seeing less artefacts from IFG - although I guess
that could be down to the content I've watched over the last
day or two.


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