[mythtv-users] Sony BD bluetooth remote and changing key mappings

Jason Chambers lists at purplish-monkey.com
Sat May 29 07:29:22 UTC 2010

On 29/05/2010 07:19, Nick Rout wrote:
> I have a Sony PS3 Blu-ray style remote that I have set up via the
> instructions here
> http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=HOW-TO_Setup_PS3_BD_Remote


> Can anyone tell me how to dynamically switch input.conf, or otherwise
> deal with this problem? From my quick experiments, changing input.conf
> doesn't appear to register immediately - I am not sure what I need to
> do to get the input.conf re-read. (Then I could write a script to swap
>  input.conf files, start XBMC, and when XBMC exits, swap the
> input.conf back to the mythtv one)

Restarting bluetoothd does the trick.  Granted stopping & restarting
daemons my seem a bit OTT, but its a quick process so it shouldn't
introduce a noticeable delay.

There is also the option to use LIRC with the devinput[1] driver, which
takes is input directly from /dev/input/eventX allowing you to use any
keyboard/mouse as an LIRC input.  This means you can then just configure
LIRC to have different mappings for Myth vs XMBC

However the problem I found with this method is that the
/dev/input/eventX only gets created when the PS3 remote connects for the
first time after a reboot, meaning you can't start LIRC until you've
pressed a button on the remote (otherwise LIRC just exits as it cannot
find the device).

I assume its possible to do some jiggery-pokery with udev to reserve the
device so it appear before it actually pairs.  Or write some script that
waits until /dev/input/eventX exists,  before LIRC is started.

But as I didn't need to control two different programs I didn't see any
advantage in using LIRC in my situation, so I just changed to using the
/etc/bluetooth/input.conf method instead.

[1] http://www.lirc.org/html/devinput.html


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