[mythtv-users] OT: LED or Plasma (was Advice on choosing a TV)

Indulis Bernsteins indulis.b at au1.ibm.com
Sat May 29 01:16:48 UTC 2010

> That's another thing I don't really understand, how there can be much
> difference between blu-ray players when its all digital, and there is
> no format conversion. I guess they might use different accuracy DCTs.

I'd (maively?!?) expect there would not be much difference between Bluray 
players using Blu-ray discs.  But progressive
scan DVD players use deinterlacing to insert made-up frames to fool your 
eyes, by its nature this is interpolation and requires good CPU power to 
work well.  Same for Blu-ray players playing DVDs.

There is still some conversion done in the players I think- as you can 
sometimes adjust brightness/contrast/gamma in the player.

On the audio side, I am not on a "golden ears" audiophile, but I can 
definitely hear the difference between
a $50 DVD player and my Oppo.  And I can see the difference between a $50 
"progressive scan" player and the Oppo, Sony or
Pioneer DVD players.

On the audio front, a decent (not insane) amount of attention in the DACS 
and amplifier design makes a difference.
I have a decent $100 pair of Grado headphones and listening to a CD 
through the Oppo
or my (old) Marantz CD player is a revelation.  I actually got stuck in 
the study one night re-living my old CDs through 

My real reason for buying the Oppo  was that if I added up repairing my 
old Marantz SPecial Edition CD player, buying a new decent prog scan DVD 
player, and then a Blu-ray player
then the price of the Oppo was about the same.  All in one device.  And 
the Oppo can be "re-regioned" for DVD and Blu-ray to stop movie studios 
pirating my play-rights to legally bought
discs from overseas.


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