[mythtv-users] Best way to upgrade from older Ubuntu versions w/ MythTV?

Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Fri May 28 20:06:08 UTC 2010

In the end it depends on how complex your individual frontend setup is, as
that will determine the time required vs the time your up for putting in...

Myself I have pretty simple setups and dont have any ts_video rips in
mythvideo; so a frontend can be running in a basic way in under an hour for
a fresh build as storage groups stop me having to mount with NFS and setup
all the UIDs and GIDs. I also have copious notes for the backend build;
except for the very recent addition of a dvb-s2 card.

I have not done an upgrade of more than one ubuntu distribution version
without me then having to do a rebuild at some point... but that's my fault
going through the linux learning curve.

I only have a single backend with5 tuners, using bluetooth ps3 remotes and 2
further dedicated frontends(one used just for music)
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