[mythtv-users] mythicalLibrarian and mythfs.py

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Fri May 28 18:14:08 UTC 2010

On 05/28/10 13:34, Phil Linttell wrote:
> You have the option of physically moving the file, and leaving a
> symlink behind in the mythtv recordings directory

You shouldn't do this.  Recordings should be kept in the recordings
directory and keep the same recording name.  If you're going to be
altering the recording, you should also be using the inuseprograms table
to ensure nothing else is currently using it.

> I hadn't looked at mythfs.py previously, and I admit this method makes
> a great deal of sense.  I'm not sure if mythicalLibrarian offers any
> advantages over it.... how are the recordings named under mythfs.py?

mythlink.pl and mythfs.py behave identically, except one uses symlinks
and the other uses FuseFS.  They both use a user-defined format,
specified on the command line, and work off the guide data in your
database.  The latter has the advantage that it can pull files from
remote backends, rather than only being able to use locally accessible

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