[mythtv-users] Cleaning my DB?

Derek Stark lemongecko at gmail.com
Fri May 28 18:10:49 UTC 2010

>>> Note that the partial restore instructions state that, "A partial
>>> restore...is primarily useful as a last-resort when some of the data in
>>> database is corrupt (or, more precisely, a 2nd-to-last resort--as
>>> over from scratch would be a true last resort). In general, do not do a
>>> partial restore--instead do a full restore." Please do not even consider

>>> doing a partial restore until you completely read and understand
>>> .
>>> Then, once you understand that section, do a full restore as mentioned
>>> above. Cleaning up your OS, then cleaning your Input Connections (
>>> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/264034#264034 ) will
>>> you a very clean/fast MythTV system.
>> While I agree that there are few reasons that a properly maintained
>> myth system should ever need to use a partial restore... there are
>> reasons why one might want to use it.
>> I like to start from a clean slate every now and again. I often find
>> that I make changes to the system to suit my needs one time... then
>> forget about it... those changes will often come back to haunt me.
>> Starting with a fresh DB allows me to go through and reconfigure
>> everything the way I want it going forward knowing that nothing I did
>> in the past will make my life difficult.
>> It's kinda like reloading windows (for those of us who still have to
>> do that). Sure you could probably fix anything that is bothering you,
>> but sometimes starting clean and spending a couple of days setting
>> things up exactly the way you want them puts you in a better position
>> going forward, while also clearing up any issues that you may have
>> created for yourself in the past.
>> I agree that there are some concerns... but if, like me, you spent a
>> version or two getting the feel for myth and now you want to get
>> 'serious' and start clean, a partial restore is a good way to do that.

> No. The right way to "start clean" is to reset the settings to
> defaults. The right way to do that is to click the button that resets
> the settings to the defaults. (This button does not yet exist.)
> Basically, a partial restore is throwing out the baby with the bath
> water. You're going through a ton of trouble, and all you're
> accomplishing is resetting settings to their defaults (and losing a ton
> of useful information in the process). I plan to add the ability to
> reset settings to defaults. I just have to get time to do it.
> Mike

First off, I apologize that I'm breaking the message threading. I had
digesting turned on, but didn't want to wait until tomorrow morning to

I totally get that, Mike. Yes, a "return to defaults" button would be GREAT.
That's exactly what I need. Here's the full backstory:

I had a perfectly functional Myth .20 box, on Gentoo. Built it a couple
years ago, upgraded to .21-fixes via portage, continued to work great. Then
I did something stupid and broke the dependency chain, causing mythfrontend
to segfault. I tried to fix it, but I had let my Gentoo box get too
out-of-date and ran into all sorts of issues with the Gentoo profile. Since
there was growing unrest within my user community (ie, my wife), I punted,
backed up the DB, wiped the OS and started fresh with Myth .22-fixes. I
reimported the MySQL DB, did the schema upgrade & all my recordings &
channels were there. Crisis averted.

However, it isn't all perfect. The phantom tuners and whatnot are only the
tip of the iceberg. Other settings seem to have no effect when I toggle
them--things that worked fine in .21, such as the "Live Preview of

But there was a lot of stuff like that. I assumed it was because of the
strange life my DB has lived, that maybe the schema upgrade had left a few
things out of sync. And since I REALIZE I do not know the inner workings of
the Myth DB schema, nuking from orbit seemed a viable option. My comment
about my familiarity with MySQL was so that assisting individuals could
gauge my skill level. I don't care about speed. It's perfectly snappy today.

Who knows, I may encounter some real bug in the future. If/when that
happens, I would like to be able to immediately rule out DB inconsistency as
a possible cause.

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