[mythtv-users] Help with freemote control

Joe Friedrich pennstatejoe74 at gmail.com
Fri May 28 14:40:44 UTC 2010

Looking for some help with initial config.  I'm trying to get freemote setup on my ubuntu 10.04 x64 server which is connected to TV as myth front/back.  I want to use it to channel change my directv box which I will eventually control via serial over usb using the direct.pl script that's floating around.

I installed client on my phone (storm 2) and compiled server.  I followed each step in the README file and installed all pre-req software before compiling.  I also configured port fwd on my router to got the server for ports 8881 and 8888.  

I made a startup script that I have run when machine turns on.  I grabbed the info from the freemote discussion forums.  I have it in /usr/bin and I named it freemote.sh. (this code was used at the begining of that person's myth frontend startup file.)

The startup command is "/usr/bin/freemote.sh"

The file has this code inside:

"export DISPLAY=:0.0
killall -9 freemoted > /dev/null
/usr/local/bin/freemoted -t socket -m myth -m lirc -m xwindows &"

So then I reboot and expect to be all set!  Mind you, I have no channel change scripts configured, no lirc devices configured.  I am assuming that at this point I should be able to connect from my phone over wifi.  (maybe I'm wrong, but before I go messing any further I want to make sure I have a good connection).  So I configure my phone with freemote 1.00 and set it to host ( which is my router that is set up for port forwarding on 8888 and 8881.  I set the phone to port 8888.

And nothing...    :-(   Phone is stuck at "connecting".  I'm out of ideas after 5 days of fiddling with it.



Joe Friedrich

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