[mythtv-users] Cleaning my DB?

Derek Stark lemongecko at gmail.com
Fri May 28 13:39:17 UTC 2010

Hey all:

I'm about to move to .23. Notice how I didn't say "upgrade"? I'd like to
clean a lot of things out of my database. I've got a phantom tuner, tuner
IDs in the high teens, settings from old front ends that are gone, etc etc.
The only thing I really want to keep are my recordings.

Does anyone have an idea how I should go about this? Should I do the schema
upgrade & then start blowing records away from tables that offend me?
Attempt to reinsert the recordings into an empty .23 mythconverg?

I am not afraid of the MySQL command-line and have written a few SQL queries
in my day (previous life as a web programmer), but that doesn't mean I'd
know what to do within the MythTV context.

Or should I just punt and export all my recordings out to MythVideo?

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