[mythtv-users] OT: Why 3D TV won't work.

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Fri May 28 12:41:37 UTC 2010

>> But is there any reason why the active glasses where one eye is blanked
>> for one frame etc, can't be built into prescription glasses.
> You said it yourself. "where one eye is blanked for one frame". That means
> each eye loses 50% of the light. Sounds like sunglasses to me.

Only when they are actively blanking out alternating eyes, which would
only be when they are both
1) powered on, and
2) actively receiving the synchronization signal from the TV

So unless you are leaving the things on all the time and purposely
placing spurious 3D sync emitters through your house (and the outside
world) there shouldn't be a problem. On top of that, I think maybe you
are missing out on the potential applications of such a
product...glasses which not only function as 3D glasses, but could be
manually set to "forced 3D mode" for the purpose of reducing incoming
light to act as sunglasses only when needed. With some further
development they could potentially become variable strength
sunglasses. In the house, you can turn them off. Outside, turn them
on. Get near something reflective where it's REALLY bright, and you
can turn up the strength.


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