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Rob Comstock mythtv at westcoastlinux.com
Thu May 27 18:46:24 UTC 2010

Greg wrote:

     > I have one, and it works pretty good..I only map the dir's that
     > contain my movie rips.. The quality is pretty good and setup was
     > fairly easy... I haven't tried any myth recordings,but so far
     > everything I have tried has worked...
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    If someone with more skills than I have could start a page on the wiki,
    I would be willing to contribute the information I have about my
    device. Maybe this will head-off a lot of these questions as well.
>     -users

I would not mind contributing Patriot Box Office (PBO) content to the 
myth Wiki either.

I have one of these boxes too and seems to be working fine on my mpeg2 
recordings (some
from a PCHDTV card recording what is left of clear QAM from my comcast 
wire) and some
from a PVR-250 recording from a Myth dedicated DCT box). I do not do 
auto transcoding
so nupple video is not an issue. I am running the AC Ryan firmware on 
the PBO. The PBO
drives a LCD TV in my bedroom via HDMI and the backend box drives the TV 
in our
family room.

This Box Office replaces a Hauppauge MVP on which I had been running 
the last several years (and for which I had to transcode to shows SVCD 
format mpeg to
get them to play -- had a user job defined in my myth backend to do 
this). I am hoping the WAF
remains high.

Now that I have the Box Office, I don't need to do that transcode 
anymore so am considering
backing down from my dual core AMD X64 power hog motherboard to a 
Atom/ION based
backend (my electric bills are NASTY and this I am sure is part of the 

While the box office is nice there is one glaring issue. The uPNP server 
in Myth (or the client
in the Box Office) get tangled up after playing a single TV show. If I 
try to back up to the
uPNP menu for Recordings on the PBO, the uPNP browse menu is empty. Only 
out to the main menu on the PBO and then re-invoking the uPNP browser 
will let me
view the list once again. I am running an older release of MythDora 
(version 5) and the myth
SW is currently based on 0.21. Is the Myth uPNP stuff better in later 

Other than this the PBO plays content great -- even the QAM HD  
recordings that the MVP didn't
stand a prayer of playing. Very Nice.

I got the PBO  on sale at Fry's for $75 with ah $25 rebate. Pretty cheap 
for a reasonable
front end for Myth TV that effortlessly plays HD content over my home 

Oh, and it also NFS mounts my video rip files, avi camera files and more 
as described in the
earlier posts and plays those fine as well.

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