[mythtv-users] Series and episode numbers in recorded TV using Freeview in UK

Simon Kiteley simonkiteley at googlemail.com
Thu May 27 13:43:03 UTC 2010

Hi, I'm in the UK recording freeview and would like to know if there
is any way of getting series and episode numbers included.

I believe that programs are identified as the same series within the
EIT so some way of grouping things of the same episode would be cool
(but obviously would need a change made somewhere). Maybe if I knew
how to get this information out of the database (if included) it might
be as simple as updating a theme!

Also it seems that Jamu will go and find this information and add it
to videos but not recorded programmes. Is this true can someone point
me to a helpful how-to?

Or maybe a third way...

Thanks in advance. MythTV is great but I'd like to do things like
start recording a program at series 3 but not start watching until it
when eventually series one is repeated maybe some time after! A
feature I believe is in DirecTV DVRs.

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