[mythtv-users] Problem adding slave backend "Error, invalid string list" 0.23+fixes24710

James Crow crow.jamesm at gmail.com
Wed May 26 16:32:56 UTC 2010

Bumbling around in the code for MythTV I think I have traced my errors
back to BackendQueryDiskSpace() in backendutil.cpp. That method runs
this query:

SELECT MIN(id), dirname FROM storagegroup WHERE hostname = 'myth-fe-2'
AND groupname NOT IN ('LiveTV', 'Thumbnails', 'DB Backups',
'Videos','Trailers','Coverart','Fanart','Screenshots','Banners') GROUP
by dirname;

This query returns no results so it falls back to the query used by
StorageGroup::Init(). The query:

SELECT MIN(id),dirname FROM storagegroup WHERE groupname = 'Default'
GROUP BY dirname;

This query returns the 3 values I have configured for the default
storage group on my MBE.
The the results are

None of those directories exist on my SBE.

After creating the directories used by the MBE on the SBE I am no
longer seeing the errors in my log files. I am now going to try some
recordings on the SBE to see how they work.

I am not much of a coder, but a tiny patch like this would have saved
me quite a bit of time:
--- mainserver.cpp	2010-05-24 16:46:32.023038726 -0400
+++ mainserver-edit.cpp	2010-05-26 12:29:34.793041140 -0400
@@ -2450,6 +2450,8 @@
     QStringList strlist;

     BackendQueryDiskSpace(strlist, encoderList, allHosts, allHosts);
+    if(strlist.isEmpty())
+	VERBOSE(VB_IMPORTANT, "No directories found for file storage. Please
check the Storage Groups setting for this backend.");

     SendResponse(pbs->getSocket(), strlist);


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