[mythtv-users] access denied 0.21 to 0.23

Mike McMullin mmcmullin at cogeco.ca
Tue May 25 23:40:24 UTC 2010

On May 24, 2010 11:05:56 pm Mike McMullin wrote:
> upgrading from an openSuSE11.1 (0.21) to Ubuntu 10.04 (0.23), I have
> successfully created the new database, dropped the table and restored the
> database from the most recent backup.  When I fired up the front end it
> told me to log into the backend setup program and upgrade the database for
> the schema from 1214 to 1254, which I did.  Back into the front end it
> wanted to upgrade the music schema from 1013 to 1017, and the video schema
> from 1016 to 117 now I cannot connect to the master backend and that same
> machine.  There is an error when launching configure backend:
>  Driver error was [1/1045]:
>  QMYSQL Unable to connect
> database error was :
> Access denied for user 'mythtv at P-733-Lin.local'  (using password: Yes)
> Now I have the password from the 0.21 install and am able to log into mysql
> on the new system using that password, so I'm kinda confused, launching the
> backend.

  Well that fact of the matter is that the schema updates did change the 
password for mythconverg, because after a system restart the good password did 
not work and the system forced password was back, so after having retried a 
connect to mysql to confirm the password change, and getting in, obviously I 
need to deal with /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt and config.xml on the master backend.

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