[mythtv-users] Maybe a slightly different usage model for Myth with DirecTV encrypted HD?

freedenizen freedenizen at gmail.com
Tue May 25 05:17:53 UTC 2010

On Mon, May 24, 2010 at 9:51 PM, Mark Knecht <markknecht at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Anyway, the HD-PVR isn't a solution for me. It's too expensive and I'm not
>>> going to spend my money that way and be left to deal with all the problems
>>> of running all that hardware. I'm sure it's a great product, as is the HDHR,
>>> it's just not for me at this time. But I am certainly NOT trying to impugn the
>>> device. However at $204/channel at NewEgg it's certainly not cheap.
> ?????
> I don't pay ANYTHING to get DirecTV's DVR service. It's just part of
> the HD package I got. No additional costs.

People here are just trying telling you what is possible to do with
myth today.  If there are other things to due, it is open source, you
are welcome to modify it to meet your needs, but today, it isn't built
to fill your specific use case, but it is unrealistic to expect any of
the devs to pick it up and put their work into it.  To be honest I
find it a bit rude to complain about not wanting to spend a couple
hundred dollars, and at the same time hoping the people will volunteer
many hours of their time to do something for you, as if their time
wasn't worth much more then that.

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