[mythtv-users] google tv

Simon Kiteley simonkiteley at googlemail.com
Mon May 24 15:56:58 UTC 2010

On Mon, May 24, 2010 at 3:01 PM, George Galt <george.galt at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Totally agree. Lots of brilliant people have contributed to the development
> > but it take a different kind of business mind to move quickly to something
> > that is idea for every day use. I think MythTV has made impressive progress
> > to this with the latest version but only a commercial 'type' approach will
> > really focus on getting what is really needed rather than adding new cool
> > features etc.
> I'm not really sure where your "usability" issues are.  My 75+ year
> old father uses MythTV without issue, and my 4 & 6 year old kids do as
> well.  While it can be a little complicated to set up (though the wiki
> and distributions like Mythbuntu and Mythdora make it very easy), it
> seems that once set up, anyone can use it.

Well I suppose not many "really needed" things are lacking but when
you can consider that the slightest thing can put someone off then a
slick solution is idea if you want something to go beyond the
hobbyist. I'm sure your father and children are grateful to have you
to sort out all the silly bits but probably wouldn't be using it if it
wasn't for you.

> Can you describe what
> "usability" issues you have, or other things that are "really needed"
> that are lacking?

For me - episodes listed newest first by default. Two many setup
options. Recording option is overly complicated... too many options.
Things like dates being clipped so you can't read them. Being told no
signal when you try to surf away from a channel. Its a long list but
not as long as the things I love about MythTV but I'm a techy so I
really don't mind, ignoring, configuring or avoiding the little things
that would put someone else off.

> My own view is that I would rather have the devs spend their time
> increasing the capability of MythTV ("adding new cool features")
> rather than on making it so that my grandmother could set up master
> and slave backends with 3 HD frontends all without knowing anything
> about Linux or computers.  That is what a cable company's DVR is for.

That's cool. But I think the original comment was related to the focus
of a stable V1.0 (with core features only) that the focus of a
commercial approach would bring would be appreciated by a larger
number of the populace. I'm not sure having both would be a problem.

More users would see more support from commercial company(s). More
influence to get broadcasters to be more friendly to your system. More
chances of creating revenue streams like (opt in) you watched xyz,
would you like to buy the sound track etc.

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