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AntiCat mythtv at anticat.ch
Mon May 24 10:11:09 UTC 2010

Am 24.05.2010 11:55, schrieb Josu Lazkano:
> I don't understand very good this technology, but, is necessary to
> have a 3D capable TV? Or is just a software filter?
> I supose that I will need some glasses to view.
> Thanks and regards.
> 2010/5/24 AntiCat<mythtv at anticat.ch>:
>> Am 24.05.2010 10:58, schrieb Josu Lazkano:
>> Hello everybody! This days I am reading lots of news about 3D sat
>> channels. Is possible to capture 3D side by side and view in MythTV?
>> We need some hardware?
>> It will great. Thanks and regards.
>> I noticed yesterday that Anixe HD (Europe) is Broadcasting 1h-2h in 3D every
>> night. So I did some testing.
>> Recording and watching the content in 3D is working flawlessly. However the
>> LCD Television is doing the transformation from side by side to alternating
>> left/right eye. This leads to the problem that the 3D is only working
>> properly as long as all MythTV overlays are hidden.
>> The Recorded content can also be Viewed using http://www.3dtv.at/ in
>> combination with a 3D gaming monitor.

You need a combination of software and hardware. The cheapest version is 
to use Anaglyph Glasses (RED and BLUE).

Original VLC - http://yfrog.com/1nvlccp
Anaglyph using 3D Player - http://yfrog.com/8923986000p

A way better solution is to get a new television that is supporting 
Shutter-Glasses or Polarization. However I am not sure if it is worth to 
by a new television, which is supporting 3D as the available 3D content 
is limited.

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