[mythtv-users] IPad and mythtv.

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Sun May 23 07:40:34 UTC 2010

jedi wrote:

>     Apple's hardware is crap and is intentionally limited. There's nothing
>"emotional" about that. That's purely objective. I really don't get why you
>bother to make excuses.
>     The UI is interesting but the platform in general is locked down and is
>very limited in what it supports.

Actually, I doubt if the hardware itself is all that limited - and in 
general I wouldn't say it's crap, though quality and reliability has 
definitely gone down over the last few years (don't get me started on 
laptop batteries, grrrr). I'm what many people would label a 
"fanboi", but I really hate the way they've gone over the last few 
years - trying to out-Microsoft Microsoft in the locked down and 
closed ecosystem way of thinking.

Both the iPhone, and the iPad, for me are in the "Mmm, looks nice - 
but I'm not buying something that closed" category. I'd love to have 
the ability (cash and legal, mostly cash) to take them on as I 
believe a lot of their restrictions could actually be unlawful under 
English law - but I don't, and for now it means I'm not buying their 
locked down gadgets.

Could I suggest that we stick to technical stuff ? The iPad may be a 
handy size for various Myth related functions - including watching 
video/TV, heck, I've seen people watching "TV" on the train using 
their postage sized mobile phone screens ! It probably has some 
hardware support for some types of media - but probably not 
everything we'd like. It's built for a specific market (which doesn't 
include most of "us" here on this list) - and given how sales are 
going, it seems that there are plenty of people who do like it.

I dare say, when someone with the technical skills and the "itch" to 
do so takes a detailed look, then we'll know what it is and isn't 
capable about. Bitching about what we think it does and doesn't do 
won't help !

Simon Hobson

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