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Mon May 17 17:55:34 UTC 2010

start the frontend.... What am I doing wrong?

Which package provides the startup script for the backend?



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Hi all,<br><br>Had a major accident today and trashed the hard drive that m=
ythtv was on... Actually, I just trashed /var/lib but as you can imagine it=
 made a right mess of things.<br><br>Now I should have had a backup but did=
n&#39;t so decided to install lucid ubuntu on a brand new drive and then ov=
erlay JYA&#39;s trunk packages.<br>
<br>From what I can see, I can not find any sort of startup file to actuall=
y start the frontend.... What am I doing wrong?<br><br>Which package provid=
es the startup script for the backend?<br><br>Thanks<br><br>Phil<br clear=
<br>-- <br>Tel: 0400 466 952<br>Fax: 0433 123 226<br>email: philwild AT <a =
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