[mythtv-users] Google TV

Justin Garrison rothgar at 1n73r.net
Fri May 21 18:16:04 UTC 2010

At Google I/O this week they announced Google TV (along with a bunch
of other stuff). It is basically an Android STB that sits between your
cable box and TV to allow for searching of shows to either play
directly from your cable STB/Tivo or stream the shows directly from
online (Hulu, CBS, Fox, Amazon, etc.)
It also is going to be open sourced in 2011. I am curious what
everyones take on Google TV is. To me it sounds very intriguing
especially the part about getting rid of the EPG completely and
relying solely on searching for channels and shows. Would be cool to
add some really nice search functionality into MythTV as well to allow
easier browsing. It seems like it could almost be accomplished by
integrating MythNetTV and MiroBridge into live TV and make it
searchable. But I have no idea the actual massive programming task
that would require.


Justin Garrison

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