[mythtv-users] S-video again

Mike Holden mythtv at mikeholden.org
Fri May 21 14:30:02 UTC 2010

faginbagin wrote:
> Hmm, I have tested this and haven't turned any DVD-RAMs into
> coasters. Maybe it's your burner?

I did try a couple of different burners at the time, and the same
thing happened each time.

> FWIW, we have a DMR-EH55. Actually it's now my mom's. I handed it
> off to her when I built my first MythTV system in 2007. But someday
> I may migrate her to myth.

Actually, ours is the E85H model.

I already give way too much IT support to the folks. Giving them
MythTV would probably end up with me moving in with them - and who
would look after the WAF in my own home then? :-)
Mike Holden

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