[mythtv-users] Configure backend in command line

Ajay Sharma ajayrockrock at gmail.com
Thu May 20 21:05:38 UTC 2010

>> Second, once you're able to "ssh my.myth.box" from your desktop, then
>> all you have to do is add the -X parameter to ssh:
>> ssh -X my.myth.box
> Thanks for your info, I have SSH access, but I never use the -X
> parameter on SSH, I will try it.

It's pretty handy.  Also, you can adjust the size of the mythtv-setup
window with the -geometry parameter.

>> Once you've logged in you might have to "su -" to root or the user
>> that mythtv is running under and then run "mythtv-setup".  And the gui
>> will show up on your desktop.
> Which is the user that I must use to execute "mythtv-setup"? root? mythtv?

Depends on your setup.  I use root and it works fine even though
mythtv is running under the "mythtv" user.

>> This is a problem that the devs have talked about before and I believe
>> the plan is to bundle a small http server inside of the backend and
>> then configure it through the web instead of the GUI.  But don't quote
>> me on that as I'm not a dev.
> It has no sense to configure the backend with a GUI, I am not software
> developer, but I configure lots of services (web, mail, ftp, p2p...)
> and all of config are command-line based. I supose that there will be
> a big reason to make this way.

I think in the early days it would've made sense.  You have one
machine with a video capture card and it's main output is your TV.  So
that's why mythtv-setup looks the way it does.  You run it, configure
it on the TV, then configure the machine to launch mythfrontend on
startup.  It's come a long way since then with the backend/frontend
split and now a lot of people are running beefy servers in their
closet to record and small machines to run the frontend.  Since
there's been that shift, the devs are addressing the issue of
configuring the backend in a headless environment.

Honestly I think the setup program is better then CLI tools.  While
it's not the most intuitive interface, it's vastly easier to use the
GUI then trying to setup video sources, channel grabbers, databases
and channel listings through a CLI.


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