[mythtv-users] Configure backend in command line

Travis Tabbal travis at tabbal.net
Thu May 20 21:05:20 UTC 2010

> Which is the user that I must use to execute "mythtv-setup"? root? mythtv?

That depends on your distro and if you are using packages or source. Pick a
user and set up for it I suppose. I just used my regular user account IIRC.
Might have been "mythtv" as well.. can't remember. :) You should be able to
run mythtv-setup as root and have it work fine for the user though, I think
it stores the data you configure in the database.

> It has no sense to configure the backend with a GUI, I am not software
> developer, but I configure lots of services (web, mail, ftp, p2p...)
> and all of config are command-line based. I supose that there will be
> a big reason to make this way.

Ease of use. Irritating for those of us that don't use a GUI on the backend,
but not hard to overcome. It also keeps the config app similar looking for
the backend and frontend, so it's at least consistent. And you don't use it
much once you're set up, so it's probably a low priority.
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