[mythtv-users] Database Structure

DaveD mythtv at guiplot.com
Thu May 20 04:01:28 UTC 2010

Comcast keeps moving channels around on me.  I have to rescan and 
manually update xmltv ID and channel numbers every time they move 
stuff.  This time they've only moved a single channel (105, HD version 
of 5) and I'd like to just update that info.  If I do a complete rescan, 
I'm starting from scratch with all channels so I want to just update 
that channel but I don't know how the database stores the info.  There 
are lots-O-tables with lots-O-fields.

I have a system I use for playing around and experimenting and I did a 
scan on that system just to make sure that 105 was still actually 
available.  It is, and the clear QAM HD channel shows up as 5_1 and 
plays fine (just like it used to on my real system before they moved 
it).  So now I have all the info I need to fix the broken database 
exported from my test system.  I'm looking for enough information to 
figure out what fields from the test database I should import into the 
regular system's database to get 105 working like 5_1 from the test system.

Is there a comprehensive, definitive guide/document somewhere 
(preferably up-to-date) that explains all the tables and fields and what 
they are used for and how they interact?  What is freqid, mplexid, etc?  
What's the channelscan_channel table used for?  I'd really rather learn 
to "fish" (to really understand the database schema), if I can find 
enough info somewhere.  I know, I can always download the source....

Dave D.

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