[mythtv-users] Upgrading Mythbuntu 9.10 to 10.04

sdavmor sdavmor at systemstheory.net
Wed May 19 19:50:18 UTC 2010

Reporting a problem and a solution.

I was prevented from doing a distribution upgrade because of the
presence of the ubuntu-desktop (selected but also blacklisted). I
was reluctant to do a clean install because of some customized
settings and various pieces of other software I'd installed.

The solution proved to be to uninstall the (not really needed)
ubuntu-desktop using Synaptic, at which point the upgrade went
ahead smoothly, and my media center server came up in 10.04. No
issues with it to report since the upgrade.

In hindsight it seems so obvious, but it took me a couple of weeks
of contemplating the upgrade to Lucid (after successfully upgrading
my other non Mythbuntu Karmic boxes) before I actually grasped what
the error message was telling me.

HTH someone else.
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