[mythtv-users] Two machines, one has pre-buffering, once doesn't

Deyan mythtv at bektchiev.net
Tue May 18 03:50:45 UTC 2010

> That's why I offered the other machine for comparison. The laptop's
> connection is about 1/3 the speed, it has slower CPU, but doesn't pause.
> Or is the comparison not valid ?

Why not use the same network connection for the laptop, disable the
wireless card and see if you still have an issue. Of course it could
be the network card that is the issue but then a simple file transfer
should give you an idea. Some routers (all DD-WRT v24 ones have it)
can also give near real-time network throughput so you can look at
that and see what the maximum achieved throughput is. I had an issue
with my wireless connection and testing showed that the throughput of
my old 802.11n router was maxed out ~20 Mbps which led to occasional
stuttering (not helping is the fact that most of my neighbors also run
their networks in the 2.4GHz range). Getting a dual band router
completely alleviated the issue and not I can get actual measured
throughput of over 80 Mbps.


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