[mythtv-users] VDPAU Error: Failed to create output surface on acer (revo) 1600

David Asher asherml at gmail.com
Sun May 16 19:03:28 UTC 2010

On May 16, 2010, at 2:12 PM, Brian J. Murrell wrote:

>> You can, in the BIOS, up that to 256MB -- which makes you work marginally.
> "Marginally" sounds like a (near even) future-limiting option.  :-(
> i.e. works today, but not tomorrow (almost literally).
>> But to get real stable playback I've added an extra 1GB stick to get 2GB total memory.

So, I didn't test it extensively since i was always planning to added the extra 1GB, but I believe it was temporal 2x on 1080i that was a little iffy, and high bitrate h.264.

> Not to mention, opening it up to add memory sounds like a warranty
> voiding procedure, too.

Can't speak to warranty, but its real easy to add the memory.  Removing the hard drive is a pain, however (you have to detach the heat sink from the CPU and GPU to flip the board over to get to the mounting screws.

>> Since I was PXE booting with no swap enabled, horrible things happened.
> Yeah, for the moment at least, I am PXE booting too.  At least until I
> have decided I am not just going to return this unit as "unhappy".

If you leave the hard drive in and use it as swap you might be able to get by with Mythcenter.

Worth a try anyway.


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