[mythtv-users] font sizes in .23?

Christopher Kerr mythtv at theseekerr.com
Sun May 16 00:06:24 UTC 2010

On Sun, May 16, 2010 at 3:08 AM, Dan Armbrust
<daniel.armbrust.list at gmail.com> wrote:
> Specifically, I want to increase the "small" font size by about 2
> points in my program list.
> And I _really_ want to increase the font size by about 4 points in the
> OSD for fast-forward / rewind.
> So, what magic voodoo do I have to perform to make this happen?

You'll need to edit the theme. See
http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/MythUI_Theme_Development . If you would
then care to make available your modified theme for other users with
the same problem, I'm sure it'd be appreciated.

(Incidentally, the OSD theme is independent of the UI theme, perhaps
there's one which meets your expectations already?)

> I hope I'm missing something obvious, because if not, it's rather sad
> that a system that you hope can be used by anyone in the family makes
> it so hard to do something as trivial as adjust a font size to make
> things readable to folks that don't have perfect eyesight, or sit
> further away from the screen than the guy that developed the theme.

The settings in the UI are for those screens which haven't yet been
converted to the MythUI framework, ie. MythMusic. I believe said
settings will be going away as soon as those screens do.

The fact is that the new theming capabilities allow for quite complex
themes, and if you start mucking around changing sizes you'll soon
start overflowing containers, which will then need to be enlarged,
which will then allow less to fit on the screen, so other elements
will need to be reduced or removed, and so on. It's not just a matter
of saying "I'd like it 2 points bigger thanks" and it all magically
re-arranges to suit. Designing a "large font" version of a theme is
very nearly as much work as designing the theme in the first place.

- Chris

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