[mythtv-users] Getting a correct lineup for DishNetwork

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri May 14 15:24:09 UTC 2010

On 05/14/2010 12:52 AM, Marc Chamberlin wrote:
> I am not getting a complete lineup of all the channels that I should 
> be. I have a subscription to SchedulesDirect and it appears that I 
> have to subscribe to two separate lineups, one for DishNetwork 
> Satellite and the other for Local Broadcast Listings. (Correct me if I 
> am wrong on this)

I'm guessing you just need to select the right provider.  One of the 
providers should be Dish Network including locals.  You've selected the 
wrong one.

> The lineup report for DishNetwork shows channel numbers starting at 
> channel 72 and the lineup report for my Local Broadcast Listings start 
> with channel 2 and end with channel 58. I am only getting the lineup 
> for DishNetwork Satellite (starting at channel 72) and just channel 2 
> though it is mislabeled and does NOT represent my local channel 2 
> station.

That would be fixed by selecting the proper provider at Schedules 
Direct.  Note, also, that Dish has "real" channel numbers for the locals 
(like 8543 or whatever) /and/, when you've selected the Dish + locals, 
you'll get "aliases" at the low channel numbers.  So you can choose to 
use either the low-numbered ones or the high-numbered ones.

> Mythtvsetup is awfully poorly documented so I probably am not doing 
> something right to set it up, so as to retrieve both of these lineups 
> correctly. In fact I am only retrieving the lineup for the DishNetwork 
> Satellite and none of the channels from the Local Broadcast Listings 
> is showing up. I think I setup the Video Source configuration dialog 
> properly, choosing North America (SchedulesDirect.org)(Internal) for 
> my Listings grabber and entered my user ID and Password for 
> SchedulesDirect. And I clicked on Retrieve Lineups which immediate 
> pops up a dialog box saying it is Fetching lineups from Schedules 
> Direct... and instantly shows I am 50% complete! After a few minutes 
> the dialog box simply disappears giving no hint as to whether it was 
> successful or not.

Ken is correct.  You can only have one lineup per video source.

> The info in the Data Direct Lineup: changes to show "Local Broadcast 
> Listings-LocalBroadcast-98671-PC:98671"  and if I navigate to it, and 
> click on the right arrow it also shows "DISH 
> Network-Satellite-98671-ECHOST. So to my untrained eyes it appears as 
> if both of my lineups were retrieved ok... I got no idea whether 
> leaving this set, to one or the other lineups, affects anything. But I 
> have noted that this setting is not persistent (even if I do not exit 
> Mythtvsetup!) and the next time I open the Video Source Setup dialog 
> it will have reverted back to simply ECHOST, whatever that means....

That's a display-only bug.  It actually works properly, so just have faith.

http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/6637 (note the "it is saved in the 
database correctly" part)

> I have no clue as to what the checkbox for "Perform EIT Scan" does so 
> I leave it unchecked as I found it. Nor do I have any idea what the 
> Channel frequency table: setting does, so leave it set to default.

Should be unchecked since you're using a /much/ better-quality listings 
provider--Schedules Direct.

> (BTW navigation in the Video source setup dialog is funky. When I 
> reach the Channel frequency table it seems to end the ability to 
> advance the cursor from there and not allow the cursor to advance to 
> any other buttons or fields unless you reverse the direction you came 
> from. Normally one would expect the cursor to simply advance through 
> all the buttons and fields then wrap around and start over...)

Again, see http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/6637#comment:1

> In the Connect source to input dialog I set up my Video source to 
> DishNetwork which I had define. I do have a script I am using for the 
> External channel change command which is working. I also have to 
> preset my Hauppauge 350 tuner to channel 62 (which is the channel the 
> DishNetwork settop box outputs the NTSC signal on, and I have no 
> freaking understanding why they did not choose channel 3 or 4 like 
> every VCR and DVD and settop boxes have done for years now!!!) In my 
> context I do not know or comprehend what the buttons "Scan for 
> channels" or "Fetch channels from listings source" would do or whether 
> I should use them. "Scan for channels" seems outright weird and IMHO I 
> should think it should be inactivated, since I am presetting my tuner 
> to a fixed channel. I did click on the "Fetch channels from listings 
> source" and it seems happy to do so, though it again gives no feedback 
> on whether it was successful or not.
> There is one other setting in this dialog that puzzles me, Starting 
> channel: In my mind I am guessing that this should be channel 2 but 
> every time I set it, then come back to the dialog later I find it set 
> to some weird random number. There is a comment stating this is the 
> "Starting LiveTV channel. This is updated on every successful channel 
> change." So 'OK....' I am lost and confused! What is the purpose of 
> this field? Why should I set it if it is going to be automatically set 
> to some other value?

It will likely be removed for exactly that reason.

> So my first hiccup to solve is how do I get a complete channel lineup 
> configured in MythTV?  My second hiccup concerns the fact that when I 
> looked at the lineup I got for DISH Network-Satellite, I noted upon 
> close examination that it does not correspond 100% with the actual 
> channels I receive through my settop box.

Both of those will involve redoing your lineup at Schedules Direct--you 
need to delete the Dish one and redo it with the right provider (Dish + 

> There are a few extra channels and a few missing ones, but it appears 
> to be about 90% correct. I asked support at DishNetwork about the 
> difference, they pointed me to a website at 
> http://tvlistings.zap2it.com where their internet listings are derived 
> from. I noticed also that SchedulesDirect has references to Zap2It as 
> well and indeed the listing on the Zap2it site is only about 90% 
> correct also. So it appears that the problem resides between 
> DishNetwork and Zap2It. Has anyone else noticed this discrepancy and 
> figured out a way to solve it?
> Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions offered... I know I am 
> getting close to having this working, hopefully only a few more 
> hiccups and I will be there.. ;-)

Fix the lineup and the MythTV stuff will follow suit.


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