[mythtv-users] Missing XMLTV grabbers from 0.23 video source setup

adrinux adrinux at gmail.com
Fri May 14 13:36:06 UTC 2010

Just got a second hand Nova t 500 and needed to tune:
> I fail to get any grabbers listed after a
> delay, even on a C2D machine.
And I'm seeing this too, Mythbuntu Lucid, mythtv 0.23 with autobuilds
enabled. In my case only the schedules direct internal grabber is
available, along with eit.
In mythbackend setup it says 'loading...' but after a few seconds
provides no more options.

> Similarly, running tv_find_grabbers from
> the console works normally.
This also, except there are duplicate grabbers because I installed
xmltv-0.5.57 from the tarball, it defaults to installing into
/usr/local/bin. This was to get around errors with older versions of
tv_grab_uk_rt, and was working until today.
I enabled autobuilds and updated today, and I remove the MSI Megasky
usb tuner when installing the nova t 500, so several changes.

Just removed the packaged version and...issue still occurs. So perhaps
this is an issue with xmltv-0.5.57 and the latest 0.23. Might try
enabling the ppa.

Adrian Simmons | http://perlucida.com

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